Mad Hatter

Photos: Christina Emilie

In the Big Apple

Here I am, still strutting through these NYC streets and suddenly began to think back to a very interesting Disney movie. Alice in Wonderland tells a quite intriguing tale of a young girl who gets lost during an outing and meets a pretty peculiar man who they call the Mad Hatter. He is fearless and full of energy and I found myself thinking about him as I put this Nick Fouquet hat on my head this morning.

Fear can only hold you back for as long as you allow it to. Step out of your comfort zone, try some new food, travel alone, make the daring outfit choice. Nobody can stop you once you make up your mind. You are fearless, you are a warrior and you can do all that you want to. Make a bold statement, and watch the world make way for you!

Natacha xx

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Coat: Isabel Marant, Jumper: LF (similar), Jeans: Paige, Boots: Balenciaga, Hat: Nick Fouquet

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