Christmas Cheer

men 1

Time To Shop

  Gifts, gifts, and more gifts!!!!! What are you getting the people you care about for Christmas this year? Have you started thinking about options yet or are you still procrastinating?? Well if you are procrastinating, let me help you out a little bit with a couple of options! 

Warm it Up


And Slow it Down

It is getting pretty chilly out there am I right? Sometimes I feel like I just can’t hold it together in this cold and then sometimes I feel like the days are actually flying past me and I cannot keep up. Does your schedule ever get so hectic and out of control that you cannot think past the day? When this happens to me I try to center myself, meditate and realize that I just have to take it one thing at a time.

Blowing My Mind


Cool Breeze

My loves! How is this new month treating you? I hope you feel as cool as the breeze that’s blowing through my hair here in London. As the holiday season approaches I am getting excited for the fashion that will come with this dip in temperature and of course for all of the family time that’s coming.

Check Game Strong


 Get Into This Look

Dior is a brand that I will always hold near and dear to my heart. Each season I cannot wait to go to their shows and be inspired by the new pieces! The multitude of styles take my breath away and I just want you all to see the genius that this brand continues to produce!

Feeling Scandalous


A little leg action

Winter time doesn’t mean you have to be completely covered 24/7 my darlings. You can always find a way to show off a little skin here or there! Feeling scandalous? Show off a little leg and do it without shame ;)

Comfy, Cozy, Cutie


Snuggle Up!

  The air is getting super crisp outside and it is time to put on your coziest coat and keep warm. The hot chocolate and lattes are calling my name now and I cannot resist. This weather just makes me want to cuddle up and watch my fave movie, how about you?

Weekend Warrior


Relax to the Max

The weekend is on the horizon!! I know, I know, we shouldn’t be living for the weekend but sometimes, it just feels so good knowing that I will have a chance to catch my breath and relax a little.