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Winter Must-Haves

Do you have a favorite type of footwear? If you do, take a second and think about what makes it unique to you. Does it have a unique design? Does it fit your foot like a glove? Do they make your feet look nice? Do they compliment almost every possible outfit? These Susanna boots by Chloe answer yes to every single question above. They were initially released in 2008 and quickly became a huge success and were renewed for several seasons. I loved them so much that I got them in red from Vestiaire Collective in 2012.


I haven’t stopped wearing those boots ever since. These boots are one of my winter go-to’s, and they should be for you too! Even more exciting, Chloe came out with another version of the shoes this past Spring! The Chloe Rylee boots offer just as much uniqueness with its cut out sides and buckle details! Both boot styles provide so much flexibility with outfit choices and style options. Pair these boots with a mini skirt and blouse for a night out or with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a chill afternoon! Either way, you are bound to turn heads with your new fabulous footwear!


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Images via Chloe & Google Images

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