Throw On Those Hater Blockers

Photos: Christina Emilie

And Get to Steppin’

Do you ever have those days where you don’t feel like talking much? Then on those same days, everybody wants to talk to you. It never fails! When you crave alone time the most is when everyone around feels the most social. It’s okay, you always have options. Do you want to break free and start up a convo? Or keep to yourself and relax some more?

Either way, employing your hater blockers/sunnies/shades/sunglasses, whichever you prefer, is a way to keep your mind in the zone and avoid the chatter. My Celine shades are definitely a go-to, but sometimes you might see me mix it up at times. Regardless of the shades I’m in, once I enter into my antisocial mode, don’t expect them to come off! My work mode sometimes brings on the mood unexpectedly, but definitely helps in productivity, so we can’t complain too much. Certain pieces can make it hard to go unnoticed, but keep your and keep on working!

Natacha xx

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Skirt: TopShop (similar), Belt: TopShop (similar), Shades: Celine, Purse: Gucci, Coat: Tommy Hilfiger (similar), Jumper: Zadig & Voltaire, Boots: LF (similar)

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