Sitting Pretty

Photos: Morgan Lay

Feel Good, Look Good

Some days I just sit and think to myself how happy I am to be where I’m at right now. Life is going smoothly and the transition of seasons means the start of new opportunities. I’m so excited to see where this new portion of the year takes me and to receive all the good that is coming my way. You have to open yourself up to be able to receive the positivity that was meant for you in this life. New season means new ideas, new beginnings, new interactions and an open mind will be your best friend in navigating the transition.

When you feel this good, it’s only natural that your outward appearance matches that as well. I love maxi dresses, especially ones that allow me to show off some leg as this one does. Don’t even get me started on the python print, I already told you animal prints are where it’s at! I suggest you find the type of dress that suits your body best and go out a get you a few.

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Zara, Balenciaga

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