Singing in the Rain

Photos: Morgane Lay

The Perfect Coat


I’m back home in London Town and we all know how rainy my city is. A good raincoat is super important when the forecast predicts rain for a whole week at a time. So what makes a good rain coat?

First, it needs to be form fitting. Make sure this coat shows off your curves. You don’t want to let the coat devour your. Ultimately you have to make it look like that’s your whole outfit.

Next, pick your favorite color or one that compliments you the most. Black is always a great choice because you can match it with any color shoes, purse and shades without having to worry about the matching aspect.

Finally, make sure your jacket has something special about it. Whether it’s glossy (like mine from RAINS), has a bedazzled belt, or gold accents, make sure you have something that sets you apart from the rest.

Shop the look below.

Natacha xoxo

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RAINS jacket, N*21 shoes, Celine shades, Gabriela Herst purse

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