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A day in Paris


Paris Fashion Week was a few days ago and I am in such awe at all of the art I saw on that runway. So many beautiful models, so many beautiful designs, just so much to look forward to for this summer. Each season you can count on something to catch your eye in every designer’s collection, so I’m here to share some trends I saw from some of my fave designers.

Off White did a collab with Nike for this fashion show. Athletic-chic and athleisure should definitely be on your radar for this summer. How can you not love the combination of high fashion and the comfort of being in your sneakers at the same time!


Valentino’s show displayed a variety of bright colors and a lot of black. This transition was so visually pleasing to watch and added to the artistic element of the show. The pleats pictured above were also very prevalent in this show. They add a bit of a focal point to your outfit and makes everything more interesting.


The Dior show was very uniform in the neutrals. The dim lighting really contributed to setting the mood for the neutral colors coming down the runway. A lot of the designs in this collection also included mesh, which is definitely perfect for the summertime when it’s way too hot to think about covering up completely.


Jacquemus’ collection had almost everything that immediately comes to my mind when I think of summer. The outfits were fun, light, and airy and they included bright and eye catching colors in a way that never became overwhelming to look at. All of the pieces looked like they would provide plenty of room for air to flow when you start to feel the heat and that is an essential feature for any summertime outfit.


Chanel’s show was on the beach and I loved this venue to introduce this season’s collection. A prevalent style on this unconventional runway were skirt suits. The designs were pretty classic and familiar. The light pinks and cream colors were visually pleasing and definitely fitting for the beach setting.


Last but not least, Louis Vuitton’s collection featured so many cool jackets. These funky designs were inspired by virtual reality and the world of high tech. These concepts came across crystal clear in the designs. I loved the focus on the jackets and the uniformity of the black boots.


As per usual, there were plenty overarching themes that were prevalent throughout all of Paris Fashion Week. Some of those trends include the prevalence of bright colors, neutrals and the color black as we saw from collections like Dior, Jacquemus and Valentino. Bright colors are expected for summer, neutrals contrastingly definitely help with keeping cool in the sun, and black is expected all year round. Who doesn’t love a good all-black-outfit? Some other trends that I found were prevalent on the runway were the floor length gowns and skirts, loose fitting clothing (tops, pants, and skirts) and the lack of bras. I am in favor of all of these trends and I hope you find something you love as well!


Images via Vogue

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