Pause and Smell the Roses

Photos: Morgane Lay

*Deep Inhale*

Sometimes it feels like the days and the weeks are just rushing by. Everything passes by so quickly that I barely get the chance to enjoy anything. We just have to take a second, take a deep breath and get back to being present.

The best way to focus on living in the now, is carving out time to engage with people and your surroundings without distractions. I know our phones keep us super connected with almost everyone digitally, but it can cause a bit of disconnection physically. Even if you can’t keep it away for the whole time you’re out with someone, try for 15 minute intervals of no phone with a 3 minute break. Then you will have time to notice how great your friend’s earrings look on her and how amazing of a hair day you are having yourself! It truly is the little things in life that can bring us the most joy, but if we do not try hard enough, we might completely miss out. I am not perfect and I am definitely still working on it myself, but each day I get better and you can too. We just have to start!


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Dress: Rixo (similar), Shoes: Gianvito Rossi, Earrings: Gas Bijoux by Marie, Purse: Hermes, Shades: Ray Bans


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