Olive Queen

Photos: Morgan Lay

All -in-one

What are your go-to styles? Is it a pair of jeans and a T-shirt? A mini skirt and cute blouse? How about a business professional suit? There are so many pairings to choose from, so why settle when you can have them all.

I don’t really have a go-to look because I love to switch it up and experiment. Some days I prefer the pants, some weeks I only want skirts. My mood and the weather definitely help me decide every time. Sometimes, the overcast sky makes me decide on earthy tones like deep browns, rustic oranges and olive greens!! This lovely jumpsuit I have on here is the perfect outfit for when you don’t really want to pick out an outfit. One item, and you’re fully dressed. All you need are some shoes and a cute belt and you are good to go! The sleeves and the long pant legs also provide some warmth during these cold winter months! Very much needed! Get to stylin’ my loves and see what winter go-to’s you can create.

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Jumpsuit: TopShop (similar), Belt: TopShop (similar), Boots: YSL (similar)

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