Mood: Wild Child

Photos: Morgane Lay

Leopard Love

What’s your mood for the week? How are you REALLY feeling? Are you feeling energetic? Sluggish? Peaceful? Or like a Wild Child like me! Some days, I get a rush of energy and just feel more alive than ever. Those are my most productive days, where I accomplish fantastic work and have the most fun doing it.

This weekend, think about the mood you WANT to be in. Because you have the power to decide that for yourself, or course! The mind controls everything you want to accomplish internally and externally. It is up to you to tap into your power, harness it for your benefit and live the greatest life you could imagine for yourself. This will not only help you in your personal activities, but in your fashion choices, your career, your family, your relationships and so much more. A lot of people always think of the worst case scenario first, but if you choose the best case scenario as your primary thought process, your positive thoughts will be the most powerful ones. When it comes to your style, choose pieces that evoke the powerful, wild child energy! You want to be vibrant? Choose a bright red. You want to be wild? Put on some leopard prints! Rock what inspires you my loves!

Have a beautiful weekend loves !!

Natacha, xo

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Skirt: Ganni, Bodysuit: Forever 21

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