Ice Cream Team

Photos: Fanny Dussol

All White Alert

Summer days will call for many opportunities to bring out the all white outfits and today was definitely one of those days. The warmer it is outside the greater the need for clothes that will keep your body temperature all the way down and you definitely cannot go wrong with a white outfit to make that happen. 

The white on white screams vanilla ice cream and maybe will even influence you to go get a vanilla cone later this afternoon if you think about it long enough ;). It is funny how the summer time encourages you to indulge in treats more often than not! Speaking of treats, your all white outfit leaves you an immense amount of room to accessorize to the max. Do you want to go big and bold or simple and classy? It is all up to you, but just make sure that your earrings are a top priority my loves. They can add so much flare with so little effort! Effortlessly gorgeous is definitely a look we are all aiming to achieve and some days it is much easier than others. These Gas Bijoux earrings add to that effortless beauty. Stay cool and stay sweet my darlings

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Shirt: Alexander Wang (similar), Shorts: TopShop (similar), Earrings: Gas Bijoux by Marie

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