Hot Shot

Photos: Morgan Lay

Afternoon Vibing

As we get closer and closer to Daylights Savings here I am growing more and more excited for more hours of sun. Nothing makes me happier than soaking up some rays and getting all that Vitamin D. The sun truly re-energizes me for these busy work weeks and provide an internal happiness.

We have to take time to acknowledge the small moments in life that create the bigger picture. If we are always focused on the deadlines, the special dates, the important calls, and the meetings, we usually forget to pay attention to all the time in between. We have to be kind to ourselves and realize we only have one life to live so we cannot spend it stressing ourselves out over temporary states. The only thing that’s constant in life is change, so we must be ready to roll with the punches. Lace up your boots and hit the ground WALKING. Take a second to let the sun penetrate your skin. Enjoy each day as if they were all the “special” ones, because they are!

Peace and love my darlings, Natacha

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Coat: Bottega Veneta, Dress: TopShop (similar), Boots: Saint Laurent, Purse: The Row (similar), Shades: TopShop, Necklace: The Kooples

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