Feeling Scandalous

Photos: David Nyanzi

A little leg action

Winter time doesn’t mean you have to be completely covered 24/7 my darlings. You can always find a way to show off a little skin here or there! Feeling scandalous? Show off a little leg and do it without shame 😉

As this new month begins, I am committed to stepping into my power and living fearlessly. I am way past capable of achieving any and everything that I put my mind to. My wardrobe is just an extension of that. I am so full of power and I like to use fashion to express that. Sensuality plays a large part in these expressions and I couldn’t imagine not weaving my sensuality into the way I dress each day. What types of pieces make you feel powerful and sensual each day? Do you try to incorporate them into your daily outfits? If not, use this month as a new beginning and a new opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and step into your power. Put on something form-fitting and comfortable and show the world you mean business!

Natacha xo

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Black Coat: Zara, Boots: Schutz, Shades: Illesteva

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