Falling for Fall

Photos: David Nyanzi

London Love

I know I always talk about how much I love summer and how it is my absolute favorite season…..but I think fall might be a close second! The change in pace as well as the changes in the atmosphere are exactly what I need to keep myself focused and motivated. With great change comes great inspiration and I am more than excited for it to come.

The fall is all about cute jumpers, layers, leggings, booties and so much more. Some days we get lucky and I can get away with a complete sandal and I almost burst with joy. These Balenciaga leggings and this jumper from the Koi Bird Store were a perfect pairing and it was one of those days that sandals were in the cards for me! I get excited just knowing each day during the fall may feel a little bit like summer or may be on the peak of winter, but I am just going with the flow and drawing my inspo from the changing weather! You should do the same and shop the look below ;).

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Leggings: Balenciaga, Shoes: Alaia, Purse: Bottega Veneta, Jumper: Koi Bird Store (similar), Jacket: Isabel Marant, Shades: Linda Farrow, Earrings: Annelise Michelson

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