Day Dreaming

Photos: Morgan Lay

And Dream Chasing


Have you ever heard the saying “Dreams don’t work unless you do”? This saying couldn’t be more true. It is absolutely important to have ideas, goals and dreams in your mind. If you didn’t have any, you would probably be living a pretty boring life. WIth that said, you cannot just sit back and expect those dreams to come to fruition without any help from yourself!

You know how you want your life to go and you have complete control over what happens for you. So the best way to get your dreams to come true is to put those ideas into action. Take them out of your mind, put them onto some paper and then start creating the steps necessary to make those dreams a reality. You know you can do this and I know you can too! Do yourself a favor and start organizing your thoughts into tangible steps, and day by day start working it out. Take it easy, but take those strides. You have everything you need to get it done, so what exactly are you waiting for? Permission from someone else? Well if you really need it, here you go. YOU CAN DO IT. SO GET TO IT!



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