Catch Me if You Can

Photos: Sebastian Saldarriaga

Keep Up or Keep Out

You know you better than anyone else! Each day is a new opportunity to explore, create, design, interact and work! Whatever you believe is the best office for you is, (a bedroom, museum, park, beach, bathroom, countryside) get there and get to work!

Honestly darlings, you do not have the time for anyone in your life who is trying to stifle your creative energy. If you need to travel to Italy this week then to Miami the week after, DO IT! You create the optimal creative space for yourself and never allow anyone to create that for you. In addition to your environment, put on an outfit that evokes some creativity as well. Cute sandals, the perfect necklace, whatever you need hun!

You are in control of everything that occurs in your life. Nothing is happening TO you, it is all happening FOR you! Stay determined. Stay focused. You got this.

Natacha xo

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Dress: TopShop (similar), Shoes: Aquazurra (similar), Necklace: The Kooples, Belt: The Kooples (similar), Shades: Illesteva

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