Can You Feel It?

Photos: Morgane Lay

Let the vibes flow

This leopard lifestyle is one that I will never leave behind. Fierce prints call my name 24/7 and I have to answer. You know and I know that you wish you had a pair that looked this good! There is no better time than today to rock these hot pants and that’s the truth! 

If you don’t have a pair already, go out and go get some! Find a cute t-shirt or crop top to pair with your fierce pants and own it girl! Can you feel the powerful vibe flowing through your body and your soul right now!? You created it and you have no choice but to keep strengthening it. Whether it’s the pumps you’re rocking or the purse you choose, just keep that confidence on 100 and show out. We all know that this is your time to shine and you can’t let negative vibes dim your light. Remember to let your vibes shine through and keep that powerful positivity at the front of all you do! 

Natacha xo

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Jacket: Miu Miu, Purse: M2Malletier, Pants: Urban Outfitters (similar), Shoes: Gianvito Rossi, Shades: Ray Ban, T-Shirt: James Perse

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