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Hello again my darlings! Last October, I share with you a new professional step in my carrer. A year ago my brother , cousins, and I decided to create our own private equity fund, and last October marked my first investment in the fashion industry with the eco-responsible US outdoor brand United by Blue. While my brother and cousins focus on other businesses such as pharmaceuticals or new technologies, I oversee all the investments in the fashion, beauty, and food industries 🙂 

As many of you know, I led a eco-friendly lifestyle. In business this translate as helping and contributing to the growth of sustainable brands, who have both environmental and human safety/future in mind.

A few weeks ago, our private equity fund made an investment in the sustainable luxury knitwear brand Naadam  . Matt & Diedrik – the founders-  were able to produces high quality durable knitwear, using eco friendly production facilities, while working with nomadic herders in Mongolia. Our goal is to help eco-conscious brands to continue to grow and thrive! Above you can see this beautiful dress by Naadam , paired with my Gianvito Rossi heels and this super cute Valentino purse.

Natacha xo


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Nadaam , Gianvito Rossi , Valentino

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