Beautiful Disaster

Photos: Morgane Lay

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When someone asks you to describe yourself, what types of words do you use? Do you choose words that relate to other people, like: sister, daughter, aunt? Do you choose words that speak to your character, like: honest, hardworking, transparent? Think about it, make a list and see what category the majority of the words fall into.

You are sooooo dynamic! Nothing about you is singular. You are multifaceted in all realms and can accomplish everything. You are a beautiful disaster because we all are! Contradictions occur all the time and we have to embrace that we are all walking contradictions! But think about it, without the messy parts of life, we could never appreciate all the beauty! Without the pain we could never fully appreciate the happiness! Fashion and my spirit really are so connected. My outfits coincide so nicely with how I feel about myself. Some days I feel bold and outspoken, my outfits like this reflect it! Anyhow you feel, let those outfits speak for you!

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Dress: Rixo (similar), Shoes: Gianvito Rossi, Shades: Linda Farrow x The Row

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