All About The HOOPS

Photos: Etsy, TopShop, Glamradar, Mercedes Salazar, Vanessa Mooney, Google Image

Accessorize to the max

Accessories are so essential to each and every outfit, and my favorite accessories are earrings. They can dress up the most basic and casual outfits and take you away from daytime relaxed to nighttime chic. Hoop earrings, in particular, are a definite eye catcher and you do not need a special occasion to pull them out, and there is definitely no specific season for them. Winter or summer, they all call for hoops! My personal favorites are my yellow gold hoops from TopShop . They come in a pack of three , and I never travel without them. Some pieces become a staple in your wardrobe, and these hoops are definitely part of my look.
You do not have to settle for the typical style of hoops.There are so many variations to choose from, like oneself to your initial from Ellery or, flowers and jewels from Jamie Rose, multi-loop hoops and so much more! Also Vanessa Mooney has a great selection too! You can go super tight with the size and shape of your mouth. Whatever your preference, pick up a pair and accessorize your outfit 🙂


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