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Hello my loves, that time of year has returned. Time for the Paris Haute Couture fashion shows! Be on the lookout for these styles and trends to grace your life in the coming months. If you stay ready, you won’t ever have to get ready, so take a look at these shows and start shopping accordingly ;). 

Jacquemus: In this show, the models strutted down a pink runway displaying a wide variety of pastel looks. Suits, dresses, sandals, skirts, all so light and soft. The show combined men & women, with many versatile pieces that anyone can wear. The collection was fun and sexy at the same time.

Acne Studios: Oversized and layered are the two words that pop into my head when I think back to this show. The models displayed large coats and jackets over their buttoned or cropped shirts as they came down the runway. This show had very tonal and earthy vibes that I adore!

Dior: Give me spooky, but make it super chic! Architecture was a main influencer in this show and the mostly black pieces do a great job of showing it off. The details tell it all and I’m amazed! Look a bit closer and be dazzled by the inner workings of each of these pieces, you won’t be sorry.

Valli: An absolute floral wonderland! Each gown, whether it was hi-low or lavishly full all around was so unique and to die for! Can you imagine yourself in one of these? Because I can and just the thought of it fills my heart with joy! Go big or go home is a motto than many live by and this show definitely follows that saying.


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