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Repaired & Nourrished 

I’m back again with some hair tips that will definitely for this fall. The change in weather always affects our hair and therefore we need to be ready to fight back. I have put together a list of my favorite natural oils that will help combat dryness and so much more. Check out their benefits and see which one you need the most (maybe all 4 of them)!

First, when introducing natural oil treatments into your hair, think about your hair and how it is already. Is it dry? Is it super oily? These factors will help figure out how often you should use a treatment.

I do a treatment once-twice a month and it has been so helpful in restoring the oils that are washed away during the shampooing process and they also help to nourish my hair especially since it is dyed.

When you do apply the oils, make sure you rinse them thoroughly with just water. This is the best way to remove the majority of the oil. After you finish rinsing, only shampoo once so you can still reap the benefits of the oil treatment.

Here are my top 4 oils:

Coconut oil– My absolute favorite oil. It stimulates hair growth, fights against dandruff, prevents split ends, adds shine & softens hair. Why wouldn’t you want to use this!

Almond oil– Another great oil that strengthens hair, is good for treating hair loss/damaged hair, adds shine, nourishes the scalp.

Argan oil– This oil is rich in Omega 3’s, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, is hydrating and helps to eliminate brittleness of dyed hair. If your hair is light blonde make sure to get clear oil so your highlights don’t turn orange!

Castor oil– A great agent to trap moisture in the hair, has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps prevent dandruff, it’s good for a healthy scalp, and it improves blood flow & circulation which promotes hair growth. If you are applying castor oil to the lengths of you hair make sure to mix it with another oil such as coconut oil or almond oil because it’s too thick to be applied solo.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to get these oils, I usually get them in the virgin form from Whole Foods but there are many other places you can check out. Try Christopher Robin, Coco & Eve, Verb, Davines, Premium Nature and SheaMoisture!

Natacha xx

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