Runway Dreams

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Part II in Paris…

I have returned with more greatness from París. We all have passions in life and hopefully by now you understand that fashion is very high up on my list. I live and breathe and this world each and every day because it gives me an outlet to express my creativity is the best way I know how. Fashion Week gives me a rush of excitement and I truly could not wait to come lell you all about it!

Chanel: This show definitely was very heavily focused on the legs. Long dresses, coats, skirts and pants all accentuating the legs. They created length in a very flattering way for each of the models (who didn’t really need it). Even the pieces that were shorter still served to show off the legs and we know I love a good leggy outfit :).

Elie Saab: This show was heavily influenced by East Asian culture and I was truly blown away! The intricacies and the detailing of each piece were thoroughly executed and skillfully made. The deep blues, reds and purples brought out the designs even more and of course the final design was so very queen-like, and don’t we all just want to be queen at least for the day.

Valentino: Color, color and more color is all I saw in this show! So many bright hues back and forth down the runway that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was beyond enthused to see who would come down the aisle next and what color they were going to have on! If this show said anything to me, it was definitely to add a little more COLOR to my wardrobe.

Alexandre Vauthier: This collection varied greatly and we loooove variety! Short pieces, long pieces, tight pieces and loose pieces, so many to choose from. Midi skirts, form fitting dresses, suits, gowns, what do you prefer? Because Vauthier offered it all my loves! Keep up with all these gorgeous pieces and prepare to be wow’ed!


Images via Vogue

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