Zodiac Collection…What does Giuseppe Zanotti predicts us!


First of all I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy new year! May it be a mix  of  sweetness and passion (!) and may all your wishes  come true!

At the dawn of this new year, it seems that we are more numerous to read our horoscopes, either to entertain or to find out ahead of time what will happen in our lives! Thus many designers decided to get a hold of these controversial sciences in their own way … Cielle Design (post of 12.26.11) play with numerology in his iconic collection Save The Date. Next is Giuseppe Zanotti with his diverting Zodiac Collection of sandals, both pristine and elegant.


The Zodaic Collection is composed with the 12 astrological signs, pink gold and crystals,  decorates the Italian designer minimalist shoes.

Cute, isn’t it ?!

Hope you had fun last night 😉


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  1. Formidable cette collection de chaussures!!quelle bonne idée,j adore cet article!