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A good sweat

Jogging with upbeat music is fun and all, but there are a few more exercise alternatives that add a bit more excitement to the mix. And while at home workouts are more accessible than ever before (there’s an app for everything!), there’s something about booking a class that truly makes you commit to the routine. Whether you’re working on some core strength at a barre class,

hitting the reformer machine at pilates, or knocking out a few punches in the boxing ring, there are a few different options out there when you’re in need of a change of scenery to work up a sweat. Here are a few things to try this weekend. And then there’s always the Nike+ Running app if you would prefer to wander by foot, while still tracking your mileage and timing.

Boxing. Unleash anger and work out your arms (and everything else) all at once while feeling like a total badass. Yes.

Pilates. Tone up muscles you didn’t even know existed with a great reformer class. Your booty will thank you.

Barre. Work on your form and stability while also going for a rock hard core. Why not.

Spinning. Lose yourself in some loud music with lots of sweaty motivating bodies cycling around you. 45 minutes of killer cardio!

Dancing. Let loose and drop it low to some hip hop beats while probably having too much fun. Try 305 Fitness or Banana Skirt Productions if you’re in NYC!

Beast Mode. That would be Barry’s Bootcamp. If you want to push yourself to crazy limits both on the treadmill and with weight training, I promise this will do the trick.

Yoga. If you need some peace of mind and zen, hit up whichever studio makes you happy. Sweat and Sky Ting are some great NYC options.

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By Alexis Bendjouia


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