Warm & Fuzzies

Photos: Ana Sandul

and faux!

Sometimes, the brighter and more out there, the better. That doesn’t apply to everything in life, but when perusing all the various faux furs out there, why not go the bubblegum blue or a ruby red? A little playfulness in your attire can be a mood-booster at times, and I’m all about this fuzzy little number.

Plus, I know I’ve brought up my passion for all things eco-friendly and sustainable as of late, and Re/Done denim definitely falls under that category. There’s so much denim out there, and this one has a vintage character based on sustainability and repurposing jeans!

Threw a western loop in here with this cowgirl inspired belt from Kate Cade. I loved all the handmade embellished leather belts, and the purse straps! Those are fun for a quick little accessory revamp.

Natacha xx

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Jacket: Urban Renewal (similar); Jeans: Re/Done; Shades: Ray Ban; Sneakers: Nike; T: Banana Republic (similar); Belt: Kate Cade

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