The Weekend Feeling

Photos: Morgane Lay

Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend

Ladies, the time has come! The weekend is here and it is time to #Party! Shake off that funk from the work week and get into some funnnn! You know and I know that you deserve a good time out to celebrate your hard work, so get to it!

Each day that you get is another reminder of how absolutely wonderful this life is. Even if something does go wrong, you’re still here! You are still living and breathing. Never let minor inconveniences ruin your vibe. “Lift your chin, set your shoulders, plant your feet, and take abrace” -Edward Albert Guess. Just see it through my loves, you got this and no better way to show yourself you got this, than by believing in yourself and celebrating your accomplishments. So take yourself out on a date, do a face mask, throw on your favorite pair of pumps, or maybe even your favorite pair of sweats. Whatever you do, just make sure you enjoy yourself to the max.


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Dress: Free People (similar), Shoes: Aquazurra, Earrings: YSL (similar), Bag: The Row (similar), Shades: Linda Farrow (similar)

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