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As you all know it is September, and New York Fashion Week is in full swing. There was so much to be seen this past week and so much more to come shortly. Let’s do a recap of some the trends that we saw this week!

Jason Wu: This collection featured long gowns that seemed to be prevalent throughout many other designers’ collections this past week. Along with the style trend, the most prominent colors for this collection are as follows: red, black, and neutral. These colors are so versatile and make a statement all on their own as the main attraction or are added along to enhance an outfit in the detailing. Look out for these colors to be surrounding you in the stores very soon!


Rodarte: As mentioned earlier, long gowns are a hit this season, and we can see that replicated again in Rodarte’s collection. Apart from that, the three trends that stuck out to me while watching this show were the florals, the chiffon dresses and the ruffle detailing. Florals are the actual embodiment of Spring and these dresses really speak to that note. The chiffon dresses allow for such breathability and such exquisite fashion at the same time, definitely a way to make a statement. Lastly, the ruffle detailing placed on these gowns make them a bit hard to resist, am I right?


Ruby Fang: These collections just kept getting better and better as I watched the shows. The main showstoppers from this show were the light pinks, the kimono-inspired dresses, and the short veils I saw on that runway. These delicate pink gowns catch your eye so quickly as the mix the softness of the color with the fierceness of the design. The kimono-inspired dresses are absolutely breathtaking and put a twist on a traditional design. Finally, the veils were such an exciting touch for these outfits during the show, but definitely stood out!


Tommy Hilfiger: I keep trying to tell you all how big a hit red is this season! So many designers are using this color to bring attention to their new collections, and it is entirely working!! How can you say no when the red keeps following you everywhere you go? In addition to the red trend, we see this plaid making a statement in a couple of different ways, and we like it! Plaid, red, and what else? Sweat suits, you guessed it! How can you be super comfy but still super fashionable? A Tommy Hilfiger sweat suit of course!


Alexander Wang: Red wasn’t the only color that was out and about on the runways this past week. Black definitely took a stand and made its way into the picture in this collection. Some other trends to look out for are our good leather jackets and bandanas. Leather jackets can complete so many looks or be the main event, and they surely made their statement on the runway. Lastly, the bandanas seemed to be one of the unifying pieces throughout the whole show. All the models wore one, and it made them look like a team, pick yourself up one next time you go out.


I hope you can catch some of the upcoming shows this week my loves!




Images via Vogue, Zimbio & Livingly

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