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Photos: Vogue

London Fashion Week Sept. 2018

Hello, my darlings! I’m back with some more of the fashion scoop! This past week was London Fashion Week, and there were so many designs that were just to die for on the runway. Each fashion week in every city is so impressive and so inspirational when it comes to choosing my new looks.

These were some of my favorite shows:

Burberry: This fashion week was Riccardo Tisci’s first, and it was nothing short of a fantastic debut. Some of the trends that stood out to me on this runway were the leather skirts, the caramel color, and the gold accents. Leather skirts and jackets are definitely a springtime staple, and these skirts are too gorgeous not to wear. The caramel color is so delicious and can go well with a plethora of bright hues. Finally, these gold accents are such a cute addition to any outfit, if you can, pick up some pieces that bring a little pop of glam to your look.

Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham was celebrating the 10th anniversary of her clothing line. All of the pieces in this show were so captivating and left me wanting more. The trends to look out for from this collection are the lace detailing and the prominence of the colors red and white. These lace pieces are light and airy for those warm Spring days, the white outfits will keep you fresh in the sun, and the red ones will provide a pop of color to your daily wardrobe.

Peter Pilotto: This collection was full of gorgeous finds and many trends to be on the watch for. Some of those include the off the shoulder look, floral prints, and the color peach. The off the shoulder look is excellent for a sexy night out or a fancy dinner. Some prints just go so well with specific seasons, and that holds true for floral prints in the Springtime. What other design could you think of as a perfect pair for that warm weather? Lastly, these peach colored outfits are so perfect for the climate as well, but they are so absolutely cute. The gentle element of the color makes a strong statement, and it’s a must-have!

ALEXACHUNG: The last collection I want you all to pay attention to from this week in London is ALEXACHUNG. This line featured many neutral colors and hushed tones such as eggshell. Ultimately, you could combine a pair of eggshell shorts with any color you desire, like the black top the model above is sporting or any yellow, peach, purple blouse you love. The next eye-catching trend that made it on the runway was the jumpsuit/overalls. They are such a great go-to outfit because they are a top and bottoms all in one! The final look that stood out to me is the silk dresses. These are such a simple look to dress up or dress down with the right shoes and accessories.

Do yourself a favor and check out these looks!

Images via Vogue

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