Thanksgiving part 1

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Cooking & Serving

Aside from having the usual Thanksgiving suspects on our mind–turkey, food coma, sides of sweet potato, and a night to reminisce with family, there are a couple of essentials that hosts need to gather before hosting. Cooking utensils and serving dishes are key. So why not get a little funky with it and use some fun printed dishes with flamingos and peacocks? We’re all for a little color. Another noteworthy detail in the serving

department is the Le Creuset pots and pans. Yes, they are definitely on the pricey side, but it’s always convenient to be able to cook a dish in one pot, and serve it in the same vessel. Luckily, these are nice enough to cook and serve!

Then comes the behind the scenes cooking tools–the mixers, spatulas, and a few other fun gadgets to explore. If you’ve never experimented with a veggie peeler, it’s a good starter toy to get acquainted with to make some zucchini noodles. Picture a pencil sharpener for veggies–it’s that easy. (Top left.) Kitchen-Aid is a good brand for mixers and such, and they always come in bright, fun colors that will add some personality to the neutral kitchen utensils on display.

A mandolin is another fun utensil to play with–it’s easy, and very handy when you need very thin slices of anything. Then, that bronze baking try is very festive and Thanksgiving-oriented, so it will add a nice detail for mini cakes. Grab some mixing spoons and a good cast-iron skillet pan and you’re good to go.

By Alexis Bendjouia

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Serving dishes, (top row to bottom): flamingo & peacock dishes: Perky; gold splatter salad bowl: Jonathan Adler; blue printed salad plate: Martha Stewart Collection; turkey snack bowl: Pier 1; wooden salad bowl: Enrico; white & wood bowl: Umbra; red & blue French oven pots: Le Creuset; large serving platter: Astier de Villatte (similar)

Cooking utensils: veggie peeler: Veggetti; leaf handle copper ladle: Beautifully Served by Jill; red mixer: KitchenAid; cement utensil crock: Kiss That Frog; wooden measuring spoons: Be Home; bronze cake pan: Nordic Ware; cast-iron skillet grill pan: Le Creuset; horn salad utensils: S/2; mandolin slicer: Weston

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Thanksgiving has never looked so fun … really like the diversity of plates and colours!