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Photos: Sebastian Saldarriaga

all that shines

Hey dolls. May is almost halfway over and it just seems like 2019 is flying by. There is so much to do and so much to explore still and I know sometimes it may feel as if you do not have enough hours in the day to do all that you hope to do. I am just here to tell you that it is definitely time to take a breather and be a bit more forgiving with yourself.

Each day that comes is a new opportunity for accomplishment. Have faith that the Universe has put you on the exact track you need to be on to accomplish what you desire. You have all the power to create your reality and with those thoughts at the forefront of your brain, you will be unstoppable. This Sunday, put on an outfit that makes you smile! Step in to our closet, find a cute pair of shorts and a nice top to go along with it and just keep it relaxed. Calm your spirit and prepare to start your week strong!

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Top: Ashish (Similar), Shorts: LF (similar), Shoes: Aquazzura, Shades: Illesteva

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