Rise and Grind

Photos: Morgan Lay

Put some pep in your step

Get out of that slump! Wake up, smell the coffee, and put some pep in your step!!! Come on now! I know you have it in you.

As the weeks press on, we must all find the motivation to keep doing what fulfills us. There is no better way to start each morning with the realization that you are where you want to be. Gratitude is key in creating joy for yourself, because once you realize that what you are doing and where you are is all up to you, the empowerment process begins. We cannot always depend on others to give us the strength to accomplish what we need to do in life. Often we have to be our own cheerleader and make the best of the situation we are in! Wake up each day with the spirit enthusiasm and joy and kick some butt!


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Jumper: Kujten (similar), Boyfriend Jeans: Current Elliot, Sneakers: Gucci, Bomber Jacket: YSL (similar), Shades: Ray Bans

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