Photos: Lydia Hudgens

Happy New Year

Happy new year my darlings !! May this new be filled with joy and happiness and new projects that makes you thrive!

Over the last year, I’ve decided to focus more on ethical and eco friendly fashion, beauty and food. I feel it is more in phase with the women I have become, and I am very excited to enter and commit more fully to this new path, attending less fashion weeks and events and dedicating my time to sustainble project in the fashion industry.

This head to toe military look, is very propos in today’s post and reflects my determination and motivation towards the new projetcs I wish to develop this year. This outfit was all about LF. It’s one of my serious go-to’s for all types of looks, no matter what season or occasion I’m shopping for,

so when I found these green army pants with a red stripe, I was like YES, you’re mine, and that was it. Also always a fan of throwing a blazer on top of anything, and I’m not sick of velvet yet, (still very much a fan actually) so that was all it took today.

Natacha xx

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