Purple Power

Photos: David Nyanzi

She is a Queen!

Hello my loves! I hope you all have had a fantastic week and are prepared to have an even more fantastic weekend! I am sending you all the positive vibes, inspiration, encouragement, relaxation and anything else you could possibly need this week! This week’s color to focus on is purple (for obvious reasons, ie: my outfit) and let’s talk about why.

Did you know that the color purple is associated with royalty and elegance? A lot of colors are associated with different characteristics and you are able to differentiate which ones sound true to you and which ones you believe are a bit inaccurate. Purple though, I do believe to be a color of royalty, because I feel absolutely amazing every time I step into this dress or any outfit that is mainly purple. When you feel royal, you behave royally, meaning nothing and nobody can get in your way and stop you from accomplishing your goals. Keep that mindset this weekend and get out there and do what you gotta do!

Natacha xo

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Dress: (similar), Purse: Fendi, Shoes: Zara, Earrings: TopShop, Necklace: The Kooples, Shades: Illesteva

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