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There’s something about the glitz and glamour of going all out in feathers and sequins and all things bold, beautiful and statement-making that makes for a killer catwalk. That’s partly obvious. The other part is about reigniting with some of designers that you made need to rekindle with. But first, can we point out

that bright hue of red that made its way into both the Naeem Khan and Proenza shows? Vibrant and out there. Into it. Another important piece to take note of is the creative mastermind behind this season’s Delpozo show. Rounded shoulders, serious florals, awesome shoes, and outfits that are in-your-face, but in the best way possible.

Got a gala or dress-to-impress kind of event in the making? Yeah, let Michael Kors take care of that. Sexy, simple, feminine, sophisticated and easy. Thumbs up all around.

Serious statement maker that went next level with this round? Naeem Khan. Those dresses were nothing short of a work of art, with just the right of embellishment that will make you the talk of the party.

Okay, we wouldn’t move forward without calling out Proenza Schouler. The cutouts were carefully crafted and perfected all around, with very interesting fits making a unique entrance. That coat…please pass one along immediately for the coming weeks until spring decides to actually come into full effect.

Images via Vogue.com

By Alexis Bendjouia

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  1. Sylvia says:

    some real gems!