The Agenda

Enter London Fashion Week, and a whole new set of trends and inspiration for wardrobes in the making. This time around, I’ve focused my attention on attending three shows–Ashish, Temperley London, and Hadler Palming, each with their own distinct catwalk style and theme. Ashish has no fear of statement-making glittery pieces. There was a goth vibe happening, and the mood felt dark, though many pieces had a great party appeal. Lots of sheer action and skin on display, but everything still made me want to party.

Temperley London felt like the polar opposite of Ashish. The colors were vibrant and the pieces were light and feminine. Some pieces had a retro tone, but mostly everything felt easy to wear. Including the sequin jumpsuits–yes please.

Palmer Harding brought menswear to the forefront with various oversized silhouettes, layering and asymmetrical hemlines. The colors were simple, save for the bright red, and had a chill vibe to all the pieces.

Images via Vogue

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