Mini Shades

All the Rage

Sunglasses have their phases too. One day, it’s all about the reflective mirrored lens, the next it’s oversized, and now we’re riding back a few decades in time and going for all things micro. The touch of old school vintage is fun, though it may feel a bit intimidating to delve into this trend right away, since we’re not used to having sunglasses just cover our eyeballs and not much else these days. Some are smaller than others,

so feel free to take some baby steps if you’re not ready to go for the teeny tiny lens. Also, maybe start with a simple inexpensive pair from Forever21 or H&M to roam around with first before going for a splurge.

Here are a few women who pull it off, and a few styles to start shopping.

Images via InStyle, Vogue Italia, W Magazine

By Alexis Bendjouia

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