Let Loose and Let Live

Photos: David Nyanzi

No monday blues !

Life is too short to not travel the world! You don’t always need two weeks off to go somewhere new, you can take a quick weekend trip and get in some sites in 48hrs! Not all the time but maybe a few times a year? Think about it, how many weekends have you spent at home that you could have spent on a vacation?

Now is as great a time as ever to be bold and be brave and travel! Be open to your plans changing mid trip or exploring things you might have never been interested in. Life is all about adventure and excitement and you are completely in control of how much or how little you participate in. Have you ever taken a solo trip? Maybe now is the time to do so! You cannot always wait for other people to be ready to be adventurous with you, just take the leap of faith on your own and see how much fun you could possibly have. Pack a pair of sandals that you know will be comfy and cute and a cute dress to take yourself out to dinner in and you are ready to be on your way! Remember my loves, you are in control, let loose and let live! Wish you all a bliss week 🙂

Natacha xo

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Dress: TopShop (similar), Denim Jacket: Gap, Earrings: Mercedes Salazar (similar), Purse: Chanel, Shades: Celine, Shoes: Intentionally Blank

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