Is It Cold Yet?

Photos: Christina Emilie

Coat season is open!

It is getting a bit chilly outside isn’t it? Time to bundle up, layer up, and snuggle up. Protect yourself from those cold fronts and let the weather know you’re prepared.

Of course make sure you are still styling and profiling. Everyday outfits only take one signature piece to take them up a notch. While I was running the streets of New York, workin’ up a storm, I wore this unique Vêtements trench coat & tee, and a sheer long sleeve undershirt from Urban Outfitters. Take a long hard look at this coat and tell me it is not fabulous? Why would you pass up the opportunity to be seen in this? The contrast of the beige and the red is just to die for! My boot-cut jeans are from Carmar and what else would I pair with those jeans besides my Saint Laurent boots! To finish this look I had to run for my red Louis V bag to match my coat. This bag gives me so much good energy, the pop of color instantly boosts my mood. How could you not love this powerful piece! my chrome hearts jewelry and Illesteva shades

Get the look below 🙂

Natacha xx

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