Good Girl

Photos: David Nyanzi

Gone Bad-ish

For today? It’s fun to go in a completely different direction sometimes and throw on some chains and fishnet gear and see where the look takes you. It just so happened that it was all a one stop shop and I found everything at LF and hit the town. There are days for feminine

florals, but sometimes you want just a touch of badass. Vintage t-shirts and all black everything are an easy starting point.

Then there’s these Chloé boots that I’ve been loving over the years, and I’m excited to bring them back. Perfect for a little summer dress too. And just because they’re red too. And because I don’t really need reasoning here.

Happy Monday!

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Jeans: Hudson; Vintage tshirt, fishnet bra and chains: LF (similar); Boots: Chloe; Shades: Linda farrow

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