Photos: Morgane Lay

Peaceful Feels

Another beautiful day and another dress that brings me all the peaceful feels! It is so amazing to slip into something that feels like tranquility. Your outfits really do play a key role in each day, so why not be conscious of what we choose!

Consciousness applies to all realms of life! Fashion, food, relationships and so much more. If it doesn’t bring us peace or make us feel good, do we really need it? I think not! I only want clothes that make me feel amazing, compliment my shape and show off everything I want to. I only want food that makes me feel energized. As for my relationships, I definitely only want to be around people who bring me peace 24/7. If they aren’t adding to your peace and uplifting you, why put up with negative energy? You don’t need it, but it just takes a little consciousness to recognize it and decide that you deserve better. Make sure your dresses bring you peace and leave you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud!

Natacha Xx

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Dress: Zimmerman, Shoes: Aquazzura, Purse: Hermès, Shades: Illesteva

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