Flat Belly Summers

The Anti-Bloat

With bikini season very much here, the food decisions we make become sources that can impact the way we look and feel daily. Nothing wrong with indulging! But there are certain foods that can assist in preventing bloating that are always great to gravitate towards. Take water with lemon for instance.

This one is an easy fix because you can get in anywhere. Then there are foods like yogurt, which are filled with good bacterias and help coat and line your stomach to fight bloat. Opt for simple flavors that are not loaded with sugar, and then you can add in some fruit or honey to liven it up if needed.

In the fruit department, pineapple is a refreshing summer option that is great for combating a sweet tooth, and assisting in the digestion process. And so are grapes!

A few last things that are easy to incorporate and help with bloat are peppermint, ginger and avocado.

Then there are things like alcohol, sodium, gluten, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and added sugars and artificially sugar free foods that can be on your things to avoid list!

By Alexis Bendjouia

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