Fallin’ Hard

Photos: Morgane Lay

It’s Sweater Weather


Alright, the temperature is dropping, and it’s time for a little bit more coverage than before. I know I said I love summer so much, but the transition period from the end of summer into the beginning of fall is so fantastic weather wise. And we all know, the weather dictates the outfit.

Sweater weather is such a great in-between period. It’s not freezing, but it’s not blazing anymore. This sweater is from LF stores, and I love the design. It’s not too heavy, and the stitching lets you stay comfortable for that midday peak of heat! Throw on your favorite pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans, like I did, with your sweater, and you are almost ready to get the day started. The drop in temperature also means it’s time to pull out the boots! I loooove these Fendi cowgirl boots, they are so chic and comfy! Don’t forget your Celine sunnies to protect your eyes while you’re out and about!

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