Baby Blue Hues

Photos: David Nyanzi

Peace and Tranquility

Do you ever feel like the colors in your outfits reflect your mood? Or maybe the other way around? Sometimes I allow my outfits to boost my mood and other days, I dress how I feel. These baby blue hues came out with my very calm and serene feelings today. Some days, we just want to chill and our clothes should reflect that. 

What colors make you feel calm? Yellow can be calming because of the sun and blue is calming to me because of the sea. I feel so much peace at the beach and that is why I always seek out the blues when I am in chill mode and ready for some peace. The best way to figure out what colors make you feel calm is to close your eyes, begin to take deep breaths and try to empty all thoughts out of your head. Whatever colors begin to show up during this time are your peaceful colors and should be your go-to’s for your chill outfits my loves! Or think about what colors surround you the most when you feel at peace, then you will have your answer!


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Jeans: Re/Done, Top: Musier (similar), Jacket: Vintage (similar), Shoes: Miu Miu, Purse: Fendi, Shades: Illesteva, Earrings: Lele Sadoughi

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