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Spotlight: Nails

Nail trends come and go. One day, nail art kind of exploded and all sorts of intricate works of art were ornately drawn onto our our freshly manicured hands to make a fun statement. The next day, it’s one out of 10 nails gets a nice glitter revamp, and the list goes on. This time around,

there are a few trends you can add to your fall radar if you’re looking for more than just a cherry red or nude.

Have you seen the whole dry brushing thing? Also, tipped nails are still around for a good half and half situation. And adding a hint of black. Doesn’t have to be fully black, but a streak or spot will do!

On the contrary, neutrals are also very much still a go-t0, and that doesn’t apply exclusively to ballerina pink and subtle beiges. Think light teal, or mixing and matching whites, creams and gold glitter.

Lastly, nail jewels! Bejewel those things because why not?

Images via Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, JessicaWashick Instagram

By Alexis Bendjouia

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