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Adding plants and flowers to any home or workplace instantly lightens and brightens the vibes while effortlessly elevating the space. Be it mini succulents or cacti, or any special mood or energy boosting plants (those are a thing!), it’s a quick and easy add on and…plants make people happy!

Here are some diverse ways to style some plants for the home, and then a few low maintenance varieties to get you started.

Aloe is often associated with a cooling gel for sunburns, but the plant is a great option that doesn’t require much attention. Cactus and succulents are long-time favorites that are easy to keep alive and well, and add an instant touch to any space. There are air plants too! These just require a mist of water weekly, and can grow without soil.

Last case in point: if you need a bit of zen, peace and sanity in your life, adding a plant to your home can get you an inch closer to that feeling.

Images via What Olivia Did, Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, Memorandum, Design Ideas Blog

By Alexis Bendjouia


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