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Big & Bold

NYC, it’s been real. Now, it’s London time, where runways have been one statement-making work of art after the other. From classic Brit Burberry bringing out gorgeous hues of plaid, to other talent rolling out intricate feminine ensembles, the start of London Fashion Week has been nothing but insane amounts

of wardrobe envy.

Burberry is always a master of anything plaid and all things coats, and this time around, those two elements got married and the plaid coats that resulted melded into some kind of ultra fall essential. But plaid aside, the key is also underneath the coat–bold, out-there, metallic prints. Attending the show itself was incredible, plus there was a little mix in of a military vibe, with shiny all-star prints and dresses that made for an A-list selection.

Erdem mastered the Victorian goddess look like no other. With stunning lace details meshed throughout flowers, high-necks, and just the right amount of sheer and leg, the inspiration here dates back to the 1920’s and ’40’s with Bette Davis serving as muse.

Christopher Kane brought out killer coats like never before. While he is not new to creative catwalks, the asymmetrical black coat doted with ostrich feathers and the perfect red flower was a novelty that can stop traffic. And the superfluous amounts of fur hanging around the wrist and neck? Yeah, we’re going to need that.

Peter Pilotto brought embroidery to new levels. Lacy pieces, mixed with an abstract art kind of design made for a gallery-ready outfit that was woven to perfection. The level of appliqué and detail that was layered into each garment makes you wonder…should we wear it or frame it? Stunning all around.

Temperley London mastered the bohemian flower child, a look we all crave year-round for its feminine meets carefree tone. While the pieces are delicate, it’s the kind of thing that you can throw on an awesome leather jacket or combat boots and stroll away effortlessly looking like a perfect 10.

Ashish was a straight up disco party, with sequins galore going all out, and wild and colorful hair coming out to play. If there was any runway show that got you in the mood to jump out of your seat and start singing karaoke with a cocktail in hand, well…this was it.

Images via Vogue

By Alexis Bendjouia

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Loving the plaid coats at Burberry, and the red flower from Christopher Kane! xx