Los Angeles day#1


Since yesterday I am in Los Angeles – the City of Angels – where life is sweet and sunny. 70 farenheits  all year around, amazing blue sky, palm trees everywhere… could get use to it! I’m here for three days, pleasure and business 🙂

Here it is the beach style mixed with a touch boho chic look that rules the fashion world with the undisputed stylist empress Rachel Zoe. Thus as I had finish my meetings I switch my working outfit for my Levis denim short and my havainas!

short: levis
blouse: millau en vente chez LF store
tank top: urban outfitters
sandals: havainas
sunnies: culter and gross

Best peach ice tea pêche ever<3

Kitson – one my fav shop! First because it’s only in LA then because they always have the latest hits and cutting edge accessories.

Talk to you soon! xoNS

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Thank you all so much for your messages! I read every one and they make me love what I do even more!!, xxN

  1. chouette photo ! enjooooooooooooy veinarde ! bise

  2. preetandpoor says:

    oohhh L.A!! I´m soo jealous!! hahahaaha have fun there! It is a very nice city! Bisous!!

    • Natacha says:

      Will do! It s SO nice here 🙂 love it

  3. Marjorie says:

    Sympa ce mélange, la blouse noire chic mixé avec tongs-short …

  4. Super cute look!

  5. shoppette says:

    Quand tu repartiras, LA perdra un de ces plus jolis anges …. en attendant, profites à fond, ça a l’air génial !!!

    • Natacha says:

      oh tu es adorable! mille bisousssss nat

  6. flo says:

    J adore ce look détente chic tellement californien

  7. Flashway says:

    Look frais, original, extravagant, j’adore le short bi matière !!! toutefois j’ai un doute pour les tongs ms à part ça c’est extra ce look !!!!!

  8. La blouse est superbe, dommage qi’ol n’y a pas cette enseigne en france :/