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Speats & treats

São Paulo Fashion Week is upon us. Here are the necessities: D. O. M. is an internationally recognized culinary hotspot that’s always on the radar or making some kind of news for it’s awesome Brazilian cuisine. For Dalva e Dito, think Brazilian comfort food with a rustic and modern touch that works perfectly in groups so you get to sample and share with friends. Spot is great for drinks, lunch and dinner. And you can’t leave São Paulo without paying a visit to the Schutz flagship on Oscar Freire…plus all the other stores in the area! L’Officiel III is a great salon just nearby if you need a beauty fix (look for Luciano, he’s great for hair!) Also, don’t leave the country without sampling: pão de queijo, coxhinha and brigadeiros…trust me.

By Alexis Bendjouia

Image sources for: DOM, Dalva e Dito, Spot, Schutz



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