Spotlight : Elie Saab

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Couture & Perfume

There’s just something about every single Elie Saab runway that makes us itch with a desire to obtain every single piece into our wardrobes. The sophisticated femininity of every item paints a picture of some goddess-like figure roaming in a handmade delicate ensemble. The lace, the intricate

detail, the way it flows and sways and hugs all the right places, it’s kind of just a masterpiece. And so the spring couture show was a hit. With some skin on the scene and heavy beading and lace spread throughout, the runway made us wish we could snatch a dress from the catwalk and head straight to a killer party.

Peplum tops, belted bags, metallic boots with mini dresses and serious sequined pants, please make your way into our closets.

There’s more. Fragrance. Serious this-smells-like-absolute-heaven kind of scent. It’s called Rose Couture. Think orange blossom meets rose petals with hints of jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, and more. Feminine, just like the spring couture show. Warning: you’re going to want it.

runway images via Vogue

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